Saturday, October 10, 2009


I made it to Pemba! Upon arriving we went to town to get the feel of things, did some shopping and whatnot and a hurricane of emotions was constantly storming for me. I was extremely exhausted and after setting up my room a bit and having dinner I crashed into bed. Only a few hours later I awoke to the feeling of a bug bite on my leg, then a tickle on my arm and then my neck. I tried to convince myself it was all in my head and finally ended up turning on my light in order to find my bed was swimming with ants. I grabbed the bug spray killed all that I could, brushed off the tiny dead bodies and tried my best to sleep the rest of the night which didn't go to well. The ants returned in force and since Wednesday when I arrived it has become routine. I spray ants last thing I do before bed, and when I wake up I sweep out piles of dead bodies, then go get breakfast come back spray some more, read then sweep, and this continues all day. I have since moved my bed to the opposite wall of the window and have yet to have them in my bed. However, last night my goodnight present as I climbed into bed was a large cockroach on my pillow. :) Welcome to Africa!
Well enough about bugs, and onto kids. I have had multiple dance parties and the girls have done my hair. We have played Frisbee, and played in the ocean. I'm telling you this is heaven. The kids are so much fun. At one point in walking back from the beach I had two kids holding each hand. They just surround you at all times. I love it. Michael Jackson is the man around here too, so the kids in playing and dancing on the beach sing "beat it, beat it!" I love it!
My other classmates have been wonderful as well. The first of us all arrived on Wednesday and then none until Friday. I have fully enjoyed everyone since Wednesday I have yet to know the new students. But already friendships have blossomed. I have decided I will come back with a Auzzy, South African, British accent just so you know in advance.
Well, school starts Monday the first week has been amazing! Rice and beans for lunch and dinner with a roll for breakfast. Thank you all for getting me here. God bless you and next Saturday I will tell you all about school.


  1. This is all so exciting, aren't bugs great? I am so happy that you are having a blast already, God is doing things beyond what you thought huh? Oh, so exciting! Love you Mel.... no baby yet.... will keep you posted on that! oxox

  2. Oh Melody...I invision you......a young youth, open to God,,whatever he has...for you, leading young women in acts of service, open to God..what ever he asks, submissive, willing, expentant....I love you Mel,,and am praying that God's touch will be changing, persevering, you travel this road, set for you by the giver of all..