Sunday, October 18, 2009

A novel has occurred within just one week of school it is hard to give you a real taste of my new life here. The sun creeps up over the ocean at 4:30am with birds celebrating a new day. By 5:30 I join the celebration with my i pod, my bible, and yoga mat. Kim Walker sings "You wont Relent," as I stand in tree pose facing the ocean. Every morning my body and soul crave this one-on-one time for just me and my lover Jesus. After an hour or more I tear myself away to grab a roll and cup of super sweet tea from the kitchen. I sit on the front porch with a book and enjoy the simple food for another hour before grabbing my notebook, bible, and water bottle. I walk to class, a large gazebo located on a hill overlooking the compound, and utter "bom dia" to every person on the way. I stand with the ocean breeze whipping my skirt and my arms stretched out in worship. This is how each and everyday begins in paradise!
Even though each morning looks very similar, God does something new in me everyday. Sunday was my first African church service and it really was all I dreamed it could be. The kids and I danced in the front during worship. They have more dancers and kids on stage than they have musicians and all the music carries a strong drum beat you can't help move to. Papa Roland Baker spoke a few sentences in English then it was translated into Portuguese and then again into Makua. The message was a simple invitation to have more of the Holy Spirit. In response I made my way to the front of the church, and laid on grass mats among beautiful African women and children. Tears streamed down my cheeks as my mind raced with the miracle of me being in this moment.
On Monday the first day of school, my ear was really bothering me and it was hard for me to be in worship. Back when I was in 8th grade my right eardrum popped and it has given me problems since. In worship I placed my hand over my ear and my friend Alicia who was next to me, saw that my ear was hurting so she placed her hand on mine and prayed for a new eardrum. Instantly the pain left completely and my hearing was totally restored! Ha! God is so good!
On Friday the last day of school for the week, Heidi Baker spoke about our identity. Ephesians 1: 4 states that God chose us. Laying on grass mats I began to thank God for choosing me. What a humbling thought that the God of all time and space chose me. As I lay in His thick presence, I was taken away into a series of visions. After each one I asked God what it all meant and He would explain. I felt as if I was laying on the floor for maybe 20 minutes yet when I opened my eyes, the sun had set and when I moved, my body was sore. I was on the floor for more than 2 hours! My heart and my head now belong to the King of Kings who has the best in mind for me. He has given me dreams and He promises they will come true.
All I can tell you is what is happening to me. I can't explain. I can't argue. All I know is God is so real that I hear His voice clearly and have relationship with him,and His touch is so real that miracles happen. I am praying that you get to experience God like this. That He visits you in dreams and takes you on journeys and touches you in ways that every heart ache is healed and every pain flees.

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  1. I love it Mel. Go for it. Keep them coming. Can't wait for the nxt one. Dom